About Us

ASEISMIC SOLUTIONS Inc. was founded in 2019 as a spin-off company from the University of Calgary. We aim to enable energy projects by reliably managing the risk of induced earthquakes using cutting-edge science.


Thomas Eyre, CEO and Director

Dr. Thomas Eyre is a research seismologist with over 11 years of experience. He is the CEO of ASEISMIC Solutions and also holds a Research Associate position at the University of Calgary. He has a PhD in seismology from University College Dublin, Ireland, and has held postdoctoral fellowships at the University of Alberta and University of Calgary, where his research has focused on induced seismicity and microseismicity. He has 11 peer-reviewed publications in leading international journals and presented at numerous international conferences and workshops.

David Eaton, CTO and Secretary

Professor David Eaton is a seismologist who holds the NSERC/Chevron Industrial Research Chair in Microseismic System Dynamics in the Department of Geoscience at the University of Calgary. Together with graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, his work focuses primarily on advancement of research, education and technological innovations in microseismic methods and their practical applications for resource development, with a secondary focus on the deep lithospheric structure of continents. In 2007, he rejoined the University of Calgary as Head of the Department of Geoscience, after an 11-year academic career at the University of Western Ontario. He has over 150 peer-reviewed scientific publications and has recently published a textbook on Passive Seismic Monitoring of Induced Seismicity. His work has been recognized by several major awards including the J. Tuzo Wilson medal from the Canadian Geophysical Union.

Megan Eyre, PGeo, Director

Dr. Megan Eyre is an expert in the field of induced earthquakes through her PhD at University College Dublin, Ireland, and five years of postdoctoral research experience at the University of Calgary and at Magnitude SAS, France. She currently also works as Lead Geophysicist for a geothermal energy startup.